Sep 222019
What to know before dating a single mum ….

Eyeing that single mum down at the coffee shop?  Well this is for you so sit back as I let you in on all the ins and outs of dating single women and what to expect/not expect while dating one….

1. A Single mum has no time 

They have to juggle between work and taking the kids to school, helping in completing those homework projects, having dinner ready. So the bottom line is they are left with no time for themselves so don’t feel offended when she doesn’t see you as often as you would like.

2. Single mum’s relationships will not be like other relationships you have had 

A single mum has seen it all. They won’t waste their time on the wrong guy. But the good thing is that they will be more forgiving,kinder and calmer so you will actually end up having a very fulfilling relationship.

3 .They fight for two not one 

Everything they do is a double. When you argue they argue for two. They can not stand to lower their guard because they know if they can’t function well,they will not be able to fully care for their offspring. So,never try to bring their kids into the argument no matter what. They will chose them over you.

4. Single mum’s are  good at emergencies

Flu that won’t go,choking,a fever? They got you. This species of women are born to save you. They will come up with a home made purely organic concision that will have you back in health in no time. And Because been a mother has taught them to be quick, no matter the emergency they will be their like a strike of lightening.

5. Single mum’s can survive almost anything

You will know that if an apocalypse happened she would survive and probably save you . This woman has had sleepless nights,endured long nights, works herself out to make it happen for her kids. You would be dating a hero.

While at it impress them by having their picky eater eating in no time, thank me later.

Reader Comments

  1. I haven’t seen anything like this before and I think so many others should read it.
    People say they have so much respect for single mums, but not many really know what it’s like. 💕

  2. These are spot on. My best friend is a single mom and it’s tough trying to make time, but I know she’s doing it for her and my god daughter. It take a lot of strength.

  3. Am a single mum, the time I have is to work and the rest for junior.. But single mum’s are strong women in the woman..

  4. Now this explains why I am quite forgiving. It explains my single Mom friends as well. I am at home recovering from surgery yet I will still attend my child’s school this Friday. Somehow my body has to accept that there’s no other way.

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