Aug 252019
 Tips to a healthy Marriage

Marriage without tears

So many people are in marriage today because they feel obliged to , they are in it for the kids, they are in it for their reputation. But what if I told you there is a few things you can do to try and fix your struggling marriage or to stop it from becoming a struggle by following these tips to a healthy marriage.

1. Throw it back 

Do it like the old times when all you wanted was to be in each other’s company. No phones, no kids just you two. If you have kids drop them off at Grandma’s or call babysitting services. Reconnect with your partner, do things you used to enjoy doing before, be it movies, music, long silent walks. Just go for it.

2. Say something positive 

Wake up early, wear your best smile, tell your partner they look good in that sweater, tell your partner the hair cut suits them. Wish them a great day ahead. Send them out with love and positivity.

3. Do something nice to your partner 

This is crucial. People like people who care about them. Affection is built that way. Cook for your partner, make a date , get them that overdue anniversary present. Do more things as nice things will follow back .

4. Listen to your partner 

Hold a conversation with your partner at least ten minutes everyday. Ask them how their day was, listen to everything they say with interest. Discuss ways to try and resolve the underlying problems. If they tell you you hurt them, apologize and don’t start throwing blame on them. Remember; if someone tells you that you hurt them, you have no right to decide you didn’t.

5.  Pray 

Pray and do not stop. Marriages built on prayer stand strong. Pray for your partner, your family and for yourself. Remember to put prayer in your family if you want a lasting covenant.

Lastly do not forget that marriage is a two way street. Both partners must be willing to try. But again, do not stay in a marriage that you feel unsafe. Your health and emotional state should be your first priority and remember to implement these tips to a healthy marriage and check out my tips on how to fix your relationship with your child.

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