Aug 222019
Virtual Reality Explained

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality means experiencing things or objects through our computers that actually do not exist. You become part of this virtual world or immerse in this environment and whilst there, is able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions.

The advantages of virtual reality are that you can use virtual reality to experiment on an artificial platform, you will have amazing experiences. It connects people. VR eases education and enables people to be more empathetic especially during a crisis as they can travel to the region. It is very convenient as one does not require to travel for conferences or meetings.

VR is very beneficial in healing through helping people get help with phobias as the therapist can use it through the exposing therapy.

It provides a very safe environment for training as some training are risky and hazardous with the real risk of personal injury or damage to expensive equipment.

Just like everything else virtual reality has its share of disadvantages. It is highly addictive, its technology is still experimental, it is costly. Training in virtual reality is not real, it could easily replace social activities and interactions among people. Some people have complained of virtual reality sickness which are similar to motion sickness symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, among others

Here are some facts about the industry :

  1. Facebook bought Oculus for 400 million dollars in cash and 1.6 billion in stock.
  2. Oculus only ever sold headsets as developer kits.
  3. Its market should to reach over 400 million dollars by 2020.
  4. Over 24 million devices are expected to be sold by 2020. This technological advancement can be used in your day to day life. It is however not meant to replace reality. A good example is when a country would use virtual reality to entice potential tourists and foreign investors into the country. The following are examples of how you could benefit from it simply by using the goggles.


● You can explore all kinds of places from the comfort of your home such as Moscow.
● You can time travel to key events and places from the past.


● You can experience all kinds of careers first-hand.
● You can share our ideas with the world by creating virtual reality content.


● You could attend conferences and meeting without having to board a plane or book hotels.
● You get the opportunity to work from anywhere thus saving on a whole lot of resources.


● Would you not want to feel like you are part of a game or you are present with your favorite movie star?
● Now imagine been able to touch, taste, smell everything from the comfort of your home.

In conclusion, Virtual reality is the future. We should all embrace it as it has the potential to influence the world from the use of goggles.

Reader Comments

  1. I would love to experience the VR roller coaster someday! I am just seeing them in videos but I think I would dig those kind of new adrenaline pumping actions

  2. Virtual reality is an amazing concept. In fact quite popular among kids. I really like the advancement in technology.

  3. Yes, I believe this is really cool and the new generation this is their thing. I know my nieces and nephews just love this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow FB buys a lot of things I didnt know like this VR brand. I am curious to see how VR will keep being influenced into our world.

  5. I know VR from a gaming point of view and I can agree that it can be so addictive. Anyway, I love that VR technology is also used for more purposeful stuff like attending conferences and meetings without having to board a plane or book hotels.

  6. Thanks for the information. I really enjoyed VRs a lot. Maybe a few years from now it will be more trend and a little more affordable. 😘

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