Aug 152019
Picky Eater – Get them eating

A picky eater can be the perfect definition of a nightmare. It does not have to frustrating anymore if food is the main topic in your household. Here are a few tips and tricks to get them eating and to finally end the power struggle during meal times.

1. Let them pick 

Go grocery shopping with them, let your kid pick out which vegetable they want to eat. If you plant your own vegetables, let them join in and help with the reaping. They are more likely to eat as it was their personal choice.

2. Bribe Your Picky Eater

This tip is just as it comes. Although some may argue that it isn’t right when it comes to a fussy eater you have to do it. Place an accepted food close and the food they just won’t eat. Tell your picky eater if they eat their broccoli they will get the ice lolly. This one definitely works but may not be a long time one.

3. Shift meal times

Shift dinner and snack time in such a way that at dinner or lunch they will be more hungry thus increasing their chances of eating. Let snack time be at a specific time and dinner later than usual. The child will be hungry and will eat without a fuss.

4. Be the role model 

Organize meal times to be family meals, as most of us tend to have meal time for kids then meal time for us later. Be the role model for your kid. Prepare meals and eat them at the same time. Letting them feed themselves.

5. Make meals fun 

Invite them to help you prepare dinner, get them involved. Make animals or smiley faces with the food. Get creative with the food. Play games while having meals and I guarantee you won’t have a fussy eater no more. You could also get some fun kitchen appliances such as this waffle maker with Disney characters to make food look more interesting.

What strategies did you use on your fussy eater?

Reader Comments

  1. My first child was easy she ate everything. With the second child I had issues and still do. She very finicky about what she will eat. She loves fruit. So I would always incorporate some type of fruit for her to eat and give her a little bit of what I cook. These are good tips! My mom says to make them eat what you cook😩

  2. I love your tips. I did 90% of these things with my daughters even though they weren’t picky/fussy eaters.
    I never had a fussy eater but if I had I would suspect they’d be pretty hungry. I don’t coddle and I don’t believe in making a situation by allowing the child to run things. Of course, we don’t like everything we are given to eat, but as soon as one starts giving in every time they refuse to eat precedent, consistency & expectations are set which give them power in your household. Didn’t happen in mine…you eat what’s provided or suck your thumb…those were their options.

  3. As a mom of four….I’ve tried it all but the technique that has worked the best is telling my kids that when they’re hungry, they can eat what I cooked. I’m not doing all that extra. At a young age we introduce a wide variety of foods to avoid these types of issues, too. But nothing works like the take it or leave it approach!

  4. Honestly, I used the same strategy my mom used with me once they were past the baby/toddler stage. Now it’s take it or leave it. I have 3 boys and I usually don’t do dinner personally so everyone votes on what they want and whatever has two votes wins. Usually, they always want the same thing but there are times when they say they want something then want something else instead after I have started so the “take it or leave it” strategy comes into play then lol. With my mom she actually didn’t give me a vote in what I wanted for dinner it was what she made I ate, but I do give them a choice upfront since the meals I cook are only for them.

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