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When it’s Hard to Love your Child and How to Fix it

This is rarely talked about. In fact, no one wants to admit it. It’s far from postpartum depression. It is essential to distinguish between a seasonal dislike for your child or a chronic one. I know how hard it can be to love your child mama! So read on to see how to fix it.

How to Fix it

1. Be patient

Your child has a personality and you might not wholly be fond of it. Try and be patient with your kid and practice deep breathing techniques when you feel overwhelmed.

2. Look for the good

Although this might be a big challenge to try and seek your child’s best characters and every time the feeling of dislike creeps in, remind yourself that the child has good in them just like every other person. Replace the negative qualities you see in them with the good.

3. Remember this is a new person

Take the same effort you take when meeting a new person. Take baby steps to trust and ultimately love your child like you would go about it with a new friend. Remembering to be kind and compassionate. Re-introduce each other as though you are meeting a potential friend.

4. Talk to someone

Talk to someone you trust and open up and express your feelings to them on how you feel. If you have no one you are comfortable telling try and seek counselling. This will help a lot.

5. Ask and accept help

Ask for help taking care of the child from family or get a babysitter so you can take a break as motherhood could be extremely overwhelming. If someone offers you help accept it, it’s not wrong to want a little alone time away from the kids.

6. Find new ways to be happy

You might feel this child has destroyed your lifestyle as he needs 24 hours round attention. Join a book club, invite some friends for lunch, try and find something fun for you to do. A happy mummy is a happy baby.

7. Don’t be ashamed

Many women around the world suffer in silence as it is almost unspoken of for a woman to dislike her child. Don’t be afraid to seek help as your sanity and that of your child is most important.

I hope these tips help you on your journey, do not be afraid to seek help if you feel overwhelmed. Check out our other blog post How To Make Friends as an Adult or check out more tips Here

Reader Comments

  1. Very good read thanks for sharing. Motherhood is like any relationship and people need to know . You won’t like your children always but it is a big difference in loving them always.

  2. This is such a bold topic but definitely needs to be discussed more often. There are so many people who have mixed emotions about parenting and they need support and courage to be able to speak with someone.

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