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Save Money on Your Wedding With Amazon

These are a special kind of roundup for you, budget savvy bride, who wants to save money on your wedding and still have the perfect wedding. We are so grateful for Amazon and all the incredible prices. I have searched through to find you only the best decor and items for your wedding as I know the importance of saving and not spending everything on your wedding day, no one wants to start paying debts. Most of the items come in many colours so you can still stick to your colour theme. If you are a DIY kinda bride or you want a hands-on wedding experience read on.

The Bride

The bride must undeniably look and feel her best on her special day. I picked items that have great reviews and are inexpensive and still look like a million dollars. They all come in different colours and are all inexpensive. the decor can be used at the bride’s and groom’s table.

  1. Sweetheart Mermaid Wedding Dress Tulle Bridal Dresses
  2. Women’s Bohemian Wedding Dress
  3. Women’s Scoop Neck Ball Gown Wedding Dress
  4. White Lace Pearls Wedding Shoes
  5. Simple Princess Sandals 
  6. Real Touch Flower Bouquet
  7. Table Runners Wedding Table Top
  8. Twinkle Curtain Lights
  9. Lavender Flowers Bouquet
  10. Mr and Mrs Sign

Flowers and Reception

Once you get the decor right, your wedding will look like a catalog wedding straight out of vogue. Glam up your day with some of these decor items.

save money on your wedding

11. Cherry Blossom Vine White Petal Flowers

12. Hanging Flower

13. Table Card

14. Leaf Garland Plants Hanging

15. Disposable Dinnerware 

16. Mr and Mrs balloons

Planning a wedding is difficult but if you start early and save money on your wedding from the beginning, it will be a breeze. I hope that you find inspiration in this post and I wish you the best in your marriage and on your wedding. I love hearing your stories and what you will implement on your wedding day to cut costs.

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Reader Comments

  1. Wedding expenses can easily get out of hand if you don’t keep track of them. This is a clever way to save money on wedding. Budget wedding with a bit of ingenuity is definitely the way to go.

  2. I shop on Amazon a LOT! I live in a smaller town with one big time name store but I dread going there. If I can get it online I will. Amazon is one of our first go to shopping sites.

  3. I definitely looked on Amazon for my wedding dress, but it’s hard to do that because of sizing. Amazon does have a pretty AMAZING return policy thank GOODNESS! I do kind of wish I did my FLOWERS from Amazon – all fake flowers… But then, well, what would I do with all of them post wedding, return them? LOL

  4. Wow..! There are so many great finds here in Amazon..! I am not a bride to be but this definitely amazed me. 😊

  5. Amazon seems like a great place to save money on your wedding. I never thought to look to Amazon for a wedding savings. But now that you’ve brought this to my attention should I decide to get married in the future I will definitely consider shopping on Amazon for wedding supplies.

  6. Weddings are such an expensive event. It’s nice to know that there are quality and affordable choices. Especially for the one-time used elements like flowers and decor. This is such a resourceful post

  7. Great tips here! I had a destination wedding and bought things on amazon which shipped straight to the venue. Only 1 frame didn’t make it, but I was really lucky everything was PERFECT!

  8. This is amazing! I can’t believe this is even an option! What a great way to help[ a bride on a tight budget!

  9. Amazon is so awesome. I didn’t know they sold flowers. I guess I should have though, they seem to have everything!

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