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How To Make Friends as an Adult

How To Make Friends as an Adult

Time and time again I have heard people complain about how difficult making friends as an adult is and I am definitely one of them. The prospects of making friends may seem unattainable when you are out of school but there are thousands of humans in the world so there must be someone out there for you. I recently, well not too recently, so, I moved to a new city where I have no connections and let me tell you, I know your struggle as I am in it with you. Read on to get tips that will help get you closer to your besties. 

Get Social

If you want to make friends, you have to look friendly! Smile, talk to other parents during school drop-offs, strike up a conversation with the cashier at the grocery. You can make friends if you decide to be friendly. Make little connections with those around you as they just might become some of your most significant friendships. You can look at this video for tips on How to start a conversation

Attend Local Events

Get yourself out of the house! Yes! Get out of the house and attend that monthly local meet-up, that fundraiser or the college talent show. Events are a great way of meeting new people. Be sure to get there early, strike up conversations. Try and help up where you can and try and stay a bit later. 

Join a Class 

Enrol in that class you have always wanted to and always postponed. That is where you will find people who share the same interests with you. Whether it is a cooking class, a knitting class, a boxing class or a foreign language class. Join! Do not hesitate to participate in conversations during breaks as the possibility is high that most people there have never met; thus, it is an excellent opportunity to connect without feeling left out.

how to make friends as an adult


People who volunteer as often good people so as a bonus you might scoop yourself some good friends in the process of helping out. Strike up conversations about what you are doing and make sure to invite some of your neighbours or people from your local area. You can volunteer in the dog shelter, in your child’s school or in the city council. 

Up Your Social Media Game

Social media has definitely taken off in the recent years so go online and join local pages. The chances are very high that there is a local group in your area where you can meet people. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms especially if you are an introvert as you get the chance to connect with someone before meeting them.

Create a Meet-up Group

Check what groups are in your area and fill the gap for the ones that are lacking. You can set up a book club, a mothers group, a jogging/working out group, monthly camping group or any group you like. Invite people on social media or by making simple fliers in your area and get ready to create lasting friendships. Remember to be consistent.

To sum it all up, it can be hard to make friends as an adult but being aware of techniques that can help you connect with people around you. Let me know if you have any questions or tips that you would like to share.

Reader Comments

  1. Oh I’ve already done some of these,and I agree. They’re so effective. Just do a little effort to when it comes to talking.

  2. I agree to all these tips. I find semi permanent friends especially when I am studying or attending seminars. It’s so fun. ☺️

  3. Joining a class is the easiest way to meet friends. I have moved several times and separate with those friends that close to me. I always start my new life by join classes and connect with new people that share common interests.

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