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Tbilisi, Georgia Travel Guide

Tbilisi, Georgia Travel Guide – Places and things to do.

Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia. It is definitely not the Georgia of the United state of America. There has been a remarkable change from the Tbilisi of the Rose Revolution to the modern, super exciting Tbilisi of the present because of changes in the generation.

With beautiful architectural designs, fascinating lifestyle and exquisite cultural views. Tbilisi is one of the places you can spend your time and money on visiting.

Geographical Location

It is located in the eastern part of Georgia in the South Caucasus. The city lies on the bank of Kura river.

It is bound by Trialeti range to the South, to the west by endings of Trialeti range, and to the north by part of the Saguramo range.

Best time to go

From June to August; It is the summer season because the weather is warm and friendly during this period of the year.

The winter period is usually freezing, so it is not advisable if you do not like cold days.

You could find the weather condition challenging. However, in case you are interested in ski resorts, then the winter period is a good time to visit Tbilisi.

Fun Fact

  • A layman confuses Tbilisi’s Georgia with the Atlanta Georgia of The United States of America yet both cities have no connection.
  • 20% of Tbilisi’s Georgia is not under the control of the Georgian government located in Tbilisi.

Useful Information

  • Georgian is the official language. Other spoken languages include Azeri, Armenian, and Russian.
  • Tbilisi’s station and trains make their announcements in both English and Georgian.
  • The official currency is Lari (GEL).
  • The predominant religions are Orthodox, Islam, and Armenian Apostolic.
  • Two metros lines are available. Using these lines will require you to buy Metromani travel card which usually cost around GEL 2.
  • Taxis and buses are available to get you around the city quickly.

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What to do in Tbilisi

  • You can feed your eyes with the beautiful historical features of the Museum of Georgia located in Tbilisi.
  • The National Gallery is full of beautiful artworks from Georgian’s greats; such as Niko Pirosmanashvili. You will enjoy paying the National gallery a visit.
  • Located in Shavtelli 13 on the outside of the Gabriadze theatre, there stands the Clocktower. You can check out the Clock Tower during your visit to Tbilisi.

Where to eat in Tbilisi

  • Cafe Gabriadze is a restaurant in Tbilisi where you can get lovely Georgian food at considerable prices.
  • Care for salad or coffee? If yes, then Leila is a great choice. The restaurant is located on Shavteli 20.

Where to shop

  • Rustaveli avenue has several shops and malls where you can shop conveniently.
  • The Dry Bridge Market located in Geoland is a nice place where you can shop while enjoying the view.
  • The huge Tbilisi Shopping Mall is the best place to shop for accessories, clothes, so take a look and buy something.

If you have time

  • Get the best view of the city by taking a cable car ride.
  • If you visit Tbilisi during the Tbilisoba festival, then be sure to join in the excitement and merriment. The festival is annual in October. It has lots of parties, dances, drinking, and lots more

What are you most excited to see in this beautiful country?

Reader Comments

  1. I would love to visit Tbilisi and Georgia in general. It looks like a really interesting place and I particularly like places with a lot of history.

  2. I would be over the moon if I were able to visit Georgia!! I have always wanted to – I just love traveling and exploring new places to expand my horizons! I really miss travel too because I haven’t really traveled in more than a year due to being pregnant and now having a 6month old.

  3. We would love to visit Tbilisi and Georgia as a family. I know we wouldn’t mind going during the winter, as we’re a skiing family. Summer time has a lot to offer, and the area is rich with history.

  4. I’ve been there several times. It is a beautiful city, filled with lovely and welcoming people. And the food is unparallel. Georgia is also the birthplace of wine – and they are very proud of it, although Georgian wine has a different taste than French or Italian variety it is still very interesting to try.

  5. I didn’t really know much about the country of Georgia before. I know a lot about the state in the US though! It looks like a great place to visit, though, so we will have to consider it soon.

  6. At first, I thought it was Georgia which is 6 hours from me, then I realized it’s the one that is far away from me. Thanks for sharing about Tbilisi and Georgia!

  7. The first time I heard reference to this Georgia I thought they were referring to the Georgia here in the US and I was confused. How do you pronounce Tbilisi?

  8. I’ve always heard of this place but always forget it exists! What a neat place to visit and immerse yourself in the culture.

  9. What I like about your post is the assurance that getting around is not going to be difficult to do. I like when public transportation is so prevalent.

  10. I dream of visiting Georgia, my parents recently went and they loved it! Everything seems to be so authentic there – food,people, nature… The locals talk a lot about the Rose Revolution and how the country was reformed after!

  11. I would love to visit Tbilisi, Georgia. You description makes it sound so fun and exciting. I am looking forward to it!

  12. A college friend was from Georgie and he used to talk about what an amazing country it is. I’d love to visit!

  13. I love that you gave us the quick and easy visit guide. Sometimes, we only have a day or two in a place and this helps.

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