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SEO for Beginners


Search engine optimization, widely known as SEO refers to the technique used to increase traffic that is of quality to a website.

This is done by a series of marketing techniques that assist in ranking your website higher on google. This will in turn increase organic traffic to various search queries on the web.

How it works

SEO involves a lot of hard work as it involves continuously improving your website.
It contains two aspects :

On-page – This refers to all the measures that are done on the website.
Off-page- This refers to all the strategies you use outside your website to generate organic traffic to your website.

SEO optimizing steps to boost traffic to your website

Choose the right domain name

Your domain name should be short, easy to remember and spell. Including keywords into your domain will help your website rank higher in search engines. A good example is if your domain name is deep-sea-diving.com, Google will recognize the words in the domain name and match every deep sea diving search to your website. Picking the right hosting company is very important as well as the right company can help you set up a great site. I would recommend Dreamhost, which I currently use and it cost me less than 50usd for this site or WHUK, which has WordPress hosting and their customer service is absolutely amazing.

Design high quality and attractive website

Designing a website that is user-friendly will help users stay on the website longer. While designing a website keep in mind that the theme, font, and format should be easy to navigate through from any device. Make sure the font can be read on both a PC, a tablet and a mobile device.

Write quality SEO friendly content

Use appropriate keywords in your content, take time to research for keywords. Ensure your content is grammatically correct and has authority before posting it. I highly recommend using Grammarly while blogging. Try and create content that is an answer to a commonly asked question or something new in the market. Use eye-catching images.

Back-linking to SEO Optimized websites

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways as it puts your website on another website thus providing backlinks to you. When writing content often link to other websites as some owners may return the favour thus creating backlinks to you. Provide positive comments and reviews as chances are the owner will provide you with a referral which in turn provides backlinks to your website.

Publicize your website

After creating content that is of high quality, share your work. This can be done through google ads, facebook groups, Pinterest, online communities. If you do not put your content out there, no one will know about it. Do not limit your sharing to just your social media following. My favourite is Tailwind which helps you connect with other bloggers and share your content in tribes, you can register HERE and receive $30 free.

However, if you busy and have no time to double check everything then I highly recommend using 3DCART which is the leading eCommerce software for SEO, they have 15 day trial periods so it is perfect.

I hope these beginner-friendly tips help you as you start SEO optimizing your site. Let me know what you struggle with the most.

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  1. I started to blog siriusly a few days ago as a possibily to share my work. The back links may help to find partnerships to the mutal spred of the information. But facebook groups are realy energizing to it!

  2. I am a content writer and work with our SEO team closely to help them with content for pages and blogs. Keyword optimization is also one of the main aspects while creating content… what do you think?

  3. I think SEO is one of the things that scares and baffles new bloggers. I think it’s best to start with the one-page stuff that you can control more easily. Once you have that sorted you can move on to the other things you mention such as backlinks and marketing.

  4. SEO is definitely a strategy that has to be taken bit by bit. There are so many moving parts to it. It’s not too difficult, but it certainly demands a lot of one’s attention.

  5. That’s a very neat beginners guide to SEO. I love how you keep it simple and on point. Wish I saw this blogging guide much earlier.

  6. My blog is over a year now, Initially i just started it as a hobby and now i’ve been thinking of how i will grow my reach and engagement. Never thought of back links yet, will consider doing it

  7. Very simple but informative article to read. I am sure these tips of your will help those people who are new in this kind of work.

  8. Wow, I’m trying to look article about SEO to boost traffic on my blog until I got this page I will definitely save this post and try to follow your advice it really helps!!

  9. This post is so timely as I’m trying to learn about SEO. I learnt that SEO is really important for greater searchability and visibility! Thanks for the tips, I hope i can execute them properly!

  10. SEO is an important concept which many bloggers don’t understand well. Luckily my name is unusual so it works for me.

  11. Great article. This is a topic I know I need to learn more about and you really helped me understand some good ways. Thank you.

  12. love this topic! every single one of them is such an important information about SEO. Thanks so much for sharing

    1. This is such an interesting read..  SEO is such a great idea, I agree it was the best thing to do if you want to boost your blog. Thanks for sharing

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