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Switzerland Travel Guide: Things to Do in Bern

Switzerland: Things to Do in Bern

Switzerland in Europe is one of the most beautiful places on planet earth. It is the land of Swiss Alps, tasty chocolate, beer, historic medieval towns, magnificent museums, and accommodating people which tons of things to do in Bern

Switzerland has a reputation as a costly country. Bern is secure and super lovely due to its breathtaking structures.

It is the capital city of Switzerland a vast network of railways and roads. Due to high living costs, you might consider accommodation in a shared room or getting your groceries from local supermarkets.

Bern, switzerland

Geographical Location

Bern is located amidst the Swiss plateau, west to central Switzerland, which is approximately 20 km to the famous Swiss Alps. The river Aare courses around the city in curves.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Bern is in the spring and summer (April-September). The elements of weather are fantastic for visitors in these months because of the mild temperatures. Ski lovers would be able to ski in winter while swimming in the pure river Aare is best done in summer(July, August). Enjoy the fun of mountaineering and sightseeing in summer. You sure would find the moments electrifying!

Fun Fact

  • The name ‘Bern’ actually originates from the name of the animal bear. Because of this, the city has the images of a bear on its flags and coat-of-arms.

Useful Information

  • Bernese-German is the local tongue of inhabitants of Bern, however, German is the official language of the government.
  • Bern is the manufacturing hub of chocolate, electronics, pharmaceutical products, machines, etc

Things to Do in Bern, Switzerland

  • Skiing and hiking: With your skiing wears on, you would enjoy skiing the Matterhorn to the fullest in an organized, harmless area. Hiking the mountains will afford you the opportunity of having an aerial view of the city and you would be mesmerized by the beauty.
  • Visit the Bear Park: You can reach the Bear Park by bus to see the energetic bears which will award you the best photos because of how well reserved it is.
  • Swimming in River Aare: The waters of Aare will be glad to receive you! There are barriers to prevent swimmers from getting into the hydraulic power station and experienced locals to accompany you.
  • Catch maximum fun in the company of new friends in Fasnacht Spring Carnival. This festival marks the arrival of warm weather. It a three-day event many tourists and local long to see. You would get a costume for the festival from the locals. It is always available for everyone.

Where to eat and shop

  • Restaurants like Cafe Federal, Suan Long, Bellevue Palace, etc. serve pleasant meals. Choice from the variety of available dishes would be according to your budget because there are just so many delicious meals to pick from.
  • You will get quality commodities at Westside, Nestle Shop Bern, Yamatuti, etc. The malls are costly because of the high-quality items they sell. The shopping malls of Bern render services to the satisfaction of customers and because of this, they are ranking as the best in the Country. The best wristwatches are in Switzerland therefore, don’t visit without buying for yourself and loved ones. Check out Georgia while in Europe

In our list of things to do in Bern, what are you most excited to see?

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    1. I love that anyone can participate in the spring carnival…There is no ultimate experience unless you join the performers and dance too.

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  3. This was such a thorough guide! I truly appreciate the effort that you put into making sure you left nothing out, and now I feel like I must visit Switzerland! Your photos are stunning as well

  4. Wonderful..Glad you shared this amazing guide. I am a travel bug and looking forward to experiencing Switzerland later this year this list will help me out.

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