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Camping Hacks and Tips that actually work

Camping Hacks and Tips that actually work

Are you thinking of going camping and are unsure what to pack or bring? Worry no more as below are a few tips and tricks that will help get your camping mood going. Camping is a wonderful experience, you get to enjoy the great outdoors, explore and leave the society to create great memories alone or with friends or family.

Portable camping heater/fan

Carrying a lightweight fan for those hot summer days to keep you cool or a heater for those windy nights will save you a lot of unneeded stress and keep you warm. Hang the fan on the top of your fan to have a nice breeze.

Smooth out the camping ground

Before you lay your tent down, smooth out the area. Carry a nail file to smooth out small rocks. It is important to pick a terrain that is not rocky or muddy. A smooth ground will ensure a comfortable stay. Carry a gardening rake to help you see what is on the ground after clearing it to help select a good camping ground.

Solar power

Do not underestimate the importance of light while camping. Carry a small portable solar power gadget as it will act as your source of light, charge dead batteries and phones. It will help keep all the electrical appliances on and just needs solar energy which is readily available during the warm seasons.

Bug repellent

Mosquitoes and bugs roam at night and it is in your best interest to carry a bug repellent cream or a mosquito coil. Better safe than sorry as you may not know what might just bite you while in the wild. Bugs are attracted to scents so leave those lotions and perfumes at home when you go camping. Ants will follow food smells so carry disposable dishes and eat far from the campsite. Lavender is a great natural insect repellent. Avoid camping next to moist areas as mosquitoes and other bugs breed near water.


If you camp during summer, stock up on sunscreen as you will be outdoors most of the time. It will prevent burning or shortening your trip. Take light long-sleeved shirts and leggings to help reduce the direct sun rays from going on your skin. Get sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Wear sunglasses and camp in areas with a lot of shade.

Extra blankets

Carry extra blankets, place emergency blankets everywhere in the tent while camping. Use them as a pillow or to lie on while camping. Packing a water-resistant blanket is key. Get a wool blanket as they insulate even when they are a bit wet, the military uses them. Placing blankets around your tent will help keep it warm.

Cook and pack

To avoid the hassle of trying to find a heat source to cook or carrying too many pots, meal prep at home and pack. It saves a lot of time that could be spent exploring. Pack meals that do not go bad easily. Take a lot of fruits, ripe and unripe. Pack ready to eat meals like sausages and beans.

Portable potty

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night needing to use the bathroom yet the only place to go is about five minutes walk from your campsite.  Grab a portable potty or a bug bucket and line it up with plastic bags. Place a disposable bag to use with the potty so you can simply tie it up and dispose of.

Essential Camping Medical kit

Carry painkillers, anti-inflammatory, disinfectants, fever medicines, cotton wool, and bandages. These are very important as you will be prepared in case of anything. You will be at ease if anything happens as you will know exactly what to do. Preparing for an incident does not mean you are attracting anything, it simply means you are rational and prepared. While camping this is an important quality.

Big basin to wash kids

Take a big basin while camping to wash your small children in. It acts like a mini bathtub and will save a lot of water as you can use the water to wash dirty shoes or slippers after. Basins are great as they will reduce making your site muddy. Set up towels to use after stepping out of the basin.

A few mentions include packing enough water to avoid running out of water while camping, packing shoe bags to help with organizing, loading up on baby wipes to help reduce water usage. Carry a lot of entertainment to keep you busy while you are home. Carry a tracker for everyone who is camping with you or if you are alone, make sure to activate your GPS.

I hope these few tips and hacks will help you have a lovely time camping and reduce your stresses.

We love to hear from you: What is your go-to camping trick or tip?

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  1. I am adding this to my camping board! I love a great packing list to go camping and I am planning a few trips this summer! Thanks heaps for sharing!

  2. I haven’t been camping, but it seems fun. Wish I could convince my friends to go camping sometimes. 😊

  3. These are great tips for camping and there are things on this list that I would never think of bringing! I would love to try camping, but in reality, every leaf that blew across the ground would be keeping me awake and shaking in the tent! lol.

  4. love this topic! every single one of them is such an important camping tips. Thanks so much for sharing

  5. I love these articles, always gives me a little bit of sense what I need to do and be prepared for on a camping Thanks!

  6. One thing that’s vital — after you’ve smoothed out the ground and removed any rocks, sticks, etc. — make sure you set up your sleeping bag so that your head is parallel or higher than your feet. You can wake up with a serious headache otherwise.

  7. You seem to have covered it all. Am not too much into camping, but this is a great list for beginners.

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